Comic Process


The image shows the digital process as I make my comic book illustrations. The pencil drawing was kept very simple, as I have then inked them myself. Pencil drawing, ink and colors, all created with a Wacom Cintiq using Clip Studio and Photoshop.



While trying out my new software Clip Studio Paint EX I did a quick blueline sketch of Supergirl. And because I really like how the dynamics in original sketch art look like I tried to capture some of the dynamics by directly doing the inks over the layouts.

I like some of the results and probably will stick to this approach when working on sequentials. In comics everything is about dynamics… so I think this will work. What do you think? Would you read a comic with this kind of style or do your prefer a more “traditional clean” look?


Captain Future


I had to create some new digital pencils and inking tools in photoshop today and after reading about a live action movie about Captain Future in the works I had to test the new digital tools on a fast piece of the Captain… the hero of my childhood.

I’m not so happy with the inking tools I have created yet, but the pencils (which you can’t see here) are working great!

I wanted to color this too but the kids got sick again and I have to finish some more important stuff today also… so you get the B&W version only. 24 hours a day is never enough!

Can’t wait to see the Captain in action again and this time not as an anime!

Don’t forget to send me your character sketch suggestions (see last post!) for a chance to see my interpretation of your favorite character.


Look it’s NOT Barbie…


Here you can see another character from McPeppergames adventure game concept which is supported by the FFF Bayern. I do a lot of the character designs during the day right now. I will only show a small part of the designs here, mainly because I don’t want to get this out too early… just enough to give you the basic idea of the game.

I realized I did not many existing character fan art in the past, like for example on my old DeviantArt page. I will change this here on the new blog. So if you want to see me draw a fan favorite character of yours, just drop me a line and I will see if I can fit it in here between the other stuff.