Comic Process


The image shows the digital process as I make my comic book illustrations. The pencil drawing was kept very simple, as I have then inked them myself. Pencil drawing, ink and colors, all created with a Wacom Cintiq using Clip Studio and Photoshop.



While trying out my new software Clip Studio Paint EX I did a quick blueline sketch of Supergirl. And because I really like how the dynamics in original sketch art look like I tried to capture some of the dynamics by directly doing the inks over the layouts.

I like some of the results and probably will stick to this approach when working on sequentials. In comics everything is about dynamics… so I think this will work. What do you think? Would you read a comic with this kind of style or do your prefer a more “traditional clean” look?


Digital Sequential Test Page


This is a sequential test page from my creator-owned comic. I’m doing very rough digital blueline layouts (which can’t be seen here anymore) and then go direct to digital inks. It feels like penciling with inks and I’m not very happy about the process yet. It probably saves some time to finish a page, but I think I will go back to do more finished pencils between those stages in the future.

BTW: I’m looking for a colorist for the project (once it is finished) who can do cool colors like Matt Hollingsworth. I love what he is doing on Sean Gordon Murphy‘s art. If you want to use the page above for your own color sample feel free to download it by clicking on the image directly.

Supergirl Sketch

While working on the game design stuff I’m using my spare time to get more mileage for my character art. My goal is to return to sequential art soon. This image is showing another page from my actual sketchbook featuring my quick version of Supergirl.